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Technology recruitment specialists; making it our mission to provide a refreshing approach to talent acquisition

About us

At Synchro, we are embarking on an exciting journey and we don’t claim to have reinvented the wheel. Instead, we simply do the basics exceptionally well. Recruitment is about people and people will always be at the heart of what we do. Combining traditional and new techniques, alongside our creative, energetic and innovative approach, Synchro aims to deliver the best recruitment service out there.

We consider ourselves as technology recruitment specialists and our work includes hiring contractors and permanent staff, talent management and executive role searches. We cover a wide range of areas and we have several clients who have partnered with us exclusively.


We offer you a refreshing approach when it comes to hiring talent which involves lots of energy and enjoyment along the way. Our innovative thinking will help you attract, develop and retain employees.


Recruitment is about people and people will always be at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on building strong, open and transparent relationships with both our clients and our candidates.

Happy Clients

With our approach to recruitment, we are confident that you will always be happy with our services. See a list of our clients that we've already helped and get in touch today for your recruitment needs.

Meet the team

James Hinsley

& Director

Ryan James


Chi Ming Lau

Business Development Manager

Aiva Gevele

Digital Marketing Executive

Steve Fitzpatrick


Annabelle Morris


Joely Callaghan

Recruitment Consultant

Our Journey

  1. Business launch

    August 2017

    Having worked in the recruitment sector for over 10 years, Synchro was launched to offer a dedicated recruitment service to clients and candidates. Built on integrity, accountability and innovative thinking, we wanted to be the most trusted recruitment agency and the first name that came to mind when hiring employees or looking for employment.

  2. 1st candidate recruited

    September 2017

    We are pleased to announce our first candidate has been recruited. In less than one month of running Synchro, we are already up and off the ground. Here's to many more in the future.

  3. 1st exclusive agreement signed

    October 2017

    We've managed to sign our first exclusive agreement to help a large organisation in their recruitment services. This is a great achievement for us having only been running for a few months. Get in touch if you would like to know more about our services.

  4. 25 candidates recruited

    January 2018

    We are pleased to announce that we have now put 25 candidates into roles successfully. Good luck to all our candidates in their new careers.

  5. 1st employee recruited

    February 2018

    Welcome to Ryan James who joins the Synchro team. Six months into running Synchro, our team has already started to grow. Ryan joins as a Recruitment Consultant having worked in Car Sales previously. #TeamSynchro

  6. 2nd employee recruited

    July 2018

    Welcome to Chris Byron who begins the companies 3rd employee and joins Team Synchro. Chris joins as a Recruitment Consultant and is looking forward to working in the Recruitment sector. #TeamSynchro

  7. 100 candidates recruited

    September 2018

    We've just rolled passed 100 candidates recruited. Good luck to all our candidates in their new roles. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you find your dream career.

  8. Welcome to Chi

    November 2018

    Welcome to Chi Ming Lau who joins Synchro as Business Development Manager. Chi brings a lot of experience into his role having worked in the field of sales, business development and services previously. #TeamSynchro

  9. Exclusive Agreement Signed

    January 2019

    Synchro has signed an exclusive 12 month agreement with an Artificial Intelligence software provider in Oxfordshire. Exciting! #Synchro

  10. Welcome to Aiva

    March 2019

    Welcome to Aiva Gevele who joins Synchro as Digital Marketing Executive. Aiva brings a lot of experience into this role and we're proud to have her on board. #TeamSynchro

  11. Exclusive Agreement Signed

    May 2019

    Exclusive Master Vendor agreement signed with an international and UK based technology solutions provider. The growth and excitement continues. #Synchro

  12. Exclusive Agreement Signed

    Aug 2019

    Synchro sign an exclusive on site recruitment agreement with a major retailer in Cheltenham. #Synchro

  13. Welcome to the family!

    Sep 2019

    Welcome to Annabelle Morris who joins the Synchro family as a Recruitment Consultant. #TeamSynchro

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